Candles & Art with the Earth in Mind

I live with my husband and two young children on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Having studied drawing and painting, commercial and graphic art in high school, I continued my studies in Art History and Archaeology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, where I recieved a Certificate in Liberal Arts. I also hold a diploma in Interior Decorating and have taken correspondence courses in art and design through The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My art is inspired by Native Art of the Northwest Coast, Eastern philosophy and a concern for the environment. I am drawn to indigenous art from all over the world, but I am especially drawn to the graphic imagery and symbolic nature of the Native Indian Art of British Columbia. The artists, in the Native community where we lived for two years, inspired and encouraged me to draw my own representations of traditional masks. I am very careful not to use images historically reserved for family crests and ceremony. Art in all cultures is used for ceremony and healing. Being an artist allows me the opportunity to teach my children the importance of art, the environment, and to be proud of their native heritage. I hope to inspire and encourage others so that they may also discover the joy of creating.
Commitment & Renewal was on display at the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery in a group exhibition entitled Friends of the Gallery from Jan 14 – Feb. 8, 2004.
Cycle of Life was part of the All NATIONS ART EXHIBIT II in the fall of 2003 at the VISAC Community Art Gallery in Trail, B.C.
Cycle of Life was also the second prize winner at the Coho Festival in North Vancouver, B.C. in 2003. This festival is organized by the Coho Society of the North Shore, an organization committed to promoting public awareness of salmon as a natural resource to be protected.
Commitment & Renewal and Power & Commitment were part of the Wolf Art Exhibition in Mitsumine, and in Osaka Japan in 2002 – 2003
Sun Mask #3 was part of a group exhibition of artwork created from recycled materials at the 2002 Annual Green Millennium Fashion Show in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
My work has also been shown in the Simon Fraser University Gallery and some of my decoupage work has been on display at the Beanstalk Coffee House in Williams Lake, B.C. Canada
“…design leads to the manifestation of human intention, and if what we make with our hands is to be sacred and honor the Earth that gives us life, then the things we make must not only rise from the ground but return to it – soil to soil, water to water — so everything that is recieved from the Earth can be freely given back without causing harm to any living system. This is ecology. This is good design.”
-William McDonough, Restoring the Earth
An interest in decorating led me to explore various forms of decorative arts and crafts, and from there to develop my skills in decoupage. I began using paper materials such as wrapping paper, magazine pictures, copies of fine art, maps, documents, or brown paper. A move left us with an abundance of packing paper that I could not justify seeing go into the land fill, so I decided to create candle lanterns with this paper and I now use only recycled packing paper for all of my art.

“I have a great appreciation for all artists work – both past and present- and I will continue to be inspired by them.”